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October 28, 2014

Halloween Home Decor

I had a blast creating these Halloween Home decor projects with the eBrush, a few items from my craft stash that were waiting to be recycled, White Vinyl and Sharpie Markers.

My post is rather heavy with photos to show step outs, so grab your favorite cuppa and join me, as I show you how I transformed my pieces using the eBrush

Using your electronic die cutting machine and die cut the SVG files you would like to use from White Vinyl or card stock.  I prefer the vinyl as it will easily attach to my projects.

Apply the Witches shoes cut from Vinyl to your bottle

Working on a Non Stick Craft mat, use a Silver Sharpie and the eBrush to spray your bottle

Completely cover the bottle, let dry

Remove Vinyl and embellish as desired.  Be sure to seal your bottle, bottle should be hand washed only.

Apply Vinyl die cut to Mason Jar as shown, use the eBrush and a Black Sharpie to add color to the jar

Completely cover the die cut vinyl

Dry completely and remove vinyl.  Seal jar with sealer, jar should be hand washed.

Place vinyl die cut over coaster as shown, use eBrush and Silver Sharpie Marker to add color

Cover entire area

Let dry, and remove vinyl.  Seal before using

On this second coaster, I had die cut the words from vinyl, and used a Silver Sharpie Marker and the eBrush to add color. Once the Silver was dry to the touch, I used the eBrush and a Black Sharpie Marker to apply color over the Shattered Glass Stencil

The frame had previously been covered with old booknote papers and I thought it would be perfect for this project.  Using the eBrush and Black Sharpie Marker, apply color over the Shattered Glass Stencil

Move the stencil and repeat until the frame is covered

For the inside of the frame, I die cut some text from vinyl as shown

Using the eBrush, and Copic Markers, apply color to the vinyl die cuts as shown. To protect the other areas from color, I covered them with scrap paper

 Continue adding color as desired, allow vinyl to dry

Apply Transfer tape over color vinyl and adhere to scrapbook paper

 Finished Frame

Using stencils, add color to the paper mache pumpkin using the eBrush and Sharpie Markers.  I used Neon Orange and Orange.  Allow to dry, seal pumpkin so it's easy to keep clean.  Embellish as desired.

eBrush - Sharpie Adapter, White Vinyl, Transfer Tape, Sharpie Markers - Silver, Black, Orange, Neon Orange, Copic markers, Miscellaneous Die Cuts (some from Silhouette Store, some I made), Silhouette Cameo, Stencils - Just a TraceNon Stick Craft Mat, Pattern Paper for frame insert, Frame (covered with booknote paper), small glass jar, coasters, paper mache pumpkin

Have a Happy Halloween!

example image


Suzanne C said...

Wowzer that is a fantastic set of scary fun! Beautiful!

Gerrie Johnnic said...

Amazing and fun projects!z

Unknown said...

Completely Awesome pieces, Lisa!! WOW!! I think my favorite is the jar--that would be my daily drink container for the entire month of October :) Love it!! Thanks for sharing your step-x-steps, too!! Fabulous projects!! I bet your house looks great & festive!! XOXO-Shari

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