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March 2, 2007

Irish Fest Craft Show

Isn't this just the coolest thing! I picked it up from a local shop that is going out of business, is sure came in handy for this craft show. I'll be set up at Anna McDonald School - 200 Second Street, Manhattan IL - for Manhattan's annual Irish Fest Craft Show, if you happen to live near here, stop in and see me. I've got some great hand stamped cards and gift items.

I've also got my display board ready with some of my upcoming class samples and other samples of projects from past classes. My DH helped me bring all my stuff up tonight so I could get it set up, that'll save me some time in the morning. I'm hoping that the winds and the blowing snow will finally die down, so that the crafters will come out tomorrow. DH is planning on bringing the boys up to the parade - and what a mess that will be - candy being thrown to the kids who are all dressed and bundled for winter! The last time we had snow for the parade was in 2002, but the kids had a blast, bundled up and all! Well, I better finish getting things ready so I'm all set for the craft show. Have a great weekend!


Lisa Bohler said...

Go Lisa, GO!!! I hope that you have a super turnout!


Anonymous said...

Your display rack and board look very professional, you should be extremely proud, it was all worth the effort! Hope today is profitabe. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa. Good luck at the fest! I just love the turnstile you found for your cards. What luck. I wish I new earlier in the day or I would of stopped by. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

I so wish that I lived near you! I would definitely check out your creations!

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