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November 5, 2011

Holiday Photo Cards

Do you send out photo cards for the holiday?  There's always a group of people on my Christmas Card List that I send photos to each year.  Some get the boys school pictures, others receive our "last minute" Christmas photo of the boys and Lou.  While I still haven't decided on what or where to take this years photo, I've got some ideas brewing.  Last year we lucked out and took this picture in the yard, which I included in my handcrafted holiday cards.

In the past we've also taken pictures of the boys Ice Fishing on the pool and in their camo gear.  DH mentioned he wanted to include a "family" photo on this years card, instead of just the boys. So I thought I'd take a look at what Shutterfly has to offer along the lines of holiday cards, as I've been happy with the photos and photo books I've had them make.  I'm thinking I could include the photo I took from our family vacation this summer and use the Dazzling Snowflake Christmas Card Design, and have our family photo as the larger picture, then for the smaller ones, have a photo of the boys and a single photo of both Jim and Joe and one of the dog.  Something like this - but I have to find a different LO that doesn't block Jimmy's face

Then or course I get looking and there's many other designs I like such as the Classic Damask and the Joy in Pictures would be a great way to include quite a few pictures for those who haven't seen the family over the past year.  I'm thinking I may save the latter one for Jim's Graduation Announcement.

So many ideas, I better get my picture taken so I can place my order!  What are some of your favorite photos you've used for your holiday cards?



Terry said...

I love how you include Lou!! After all, he is a part of the family and he knows it! I am sure you will find the perfect layout to include all faces! Have a great weekend!

Niki said...

Your summer family photo is a favorite. You all look like you're having so much fun.

We usually take a last minute family photo in the yard for the Christmas card. Some years we even have snow.

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