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February 1, 2010

A Tip for Bloggers - A Solution to noreply-comment@blogger.com

I'm grateful to those of you who stop by and leave me comments on my blog posts!  One thing I recently noticed is a lot of comments are coming from noreply-comment@blogger.com.  I like to respond back to comments left on my blog, and don't always have an email address to do so because your address is not recorded with Blogger.

If you'd like people to be able to email you back from a comment you've left on their blog, here's how you can change your settings:

  • Click on the Customize Link in the upper right hand of your screen
  • Click on Dashboard
  • Click on Edit Profile
  • This will take you to the Edit User Profile Screen
  • Look in the Privacy section; check the box that says "Show my email address"
  • Enter your email address in the Identity section
  • Scroll down to the bottom, and click Save Profile
Now you have interactive commenting!


Juliet A said...

Thank you so much! I wondered why people were able to respond to my comments (and yes, that is a good thing!), and also why sometimes I can and sometimes I can't respond back.

Maybe some of my TJ friends who read your blog take a hint...

Connie Fossenier said...

thanks so much Lisa...I had mine set properly but found other tabs not set correctly...
You are the brave blogspot blogger.
connie paxman

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