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January 30, 2010

Ribbon Organization

Is your ribbon storage a mess?

<------ Go from this

to this in seconds! -------->

I'm just lovin' the Ribbon Organizer and Dispenser, it makes storing ribbon a breeze! The Dispenser has 6 compartments and 6 divider disks for storing narrow ribbon.  Each compartment holds approximately 4 Feet of ribbon.  I've found the best width for the compartments to be 3/4" (because the ribbon doesn't move), it also holds (2) 1/4" rolls of 4 Feet of ribbon nicely in a single compartment too.

Before you begin, make sure the spooling disk is in place, then simply slip the end of your ribbon into the slot in the wheel of the Ribbon Spooler.

To spool your ribbon, start winding the crank, be sure to keep a steady tension on the divider with your thumb.

To remove the ribbon, hold the divider disk and slide the disk off the post.


Gerrie Johnnic said...

Too kewl GF, now come do mine!

Cyndy said...

Thank you, Lisa for posting this. I just ordered mine and hope to get my ribbons organized and more useful. Thanks again.

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