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May 13, 2009

Happy Mail Days!

I've had some great mail days (snail and email) , that have made my day, even if a bill or two arrived along with my snail mail! For the past year I've been working a lot on magazine submissions and I'm thrilled to have gotten some artist comp magazines in the mail this last week.

You can find me in the following publications

June 2009 Crafts N' Things (pages 57, 59, 79, and 85)
2009 Summer Take Ten (pages 58, 74)
July 2009 Scrap & Stamp (I'm a cover girl!)

The happy email day was for a contest submission that I won.


Stefanie said...

Congratulations Lisa! That is an awesome accomplishment!

~Lana B.~ said...

Awesome, Lisa, Congrats!!!!

Gerrie Johnnic said...

Kudo's to you GF.....a cover girl...hmmmmmm sounds like goals come true!

Marilyn said...

You have earned those publications.
You are so talented and willing to share with all of us.
I am glad you chose to share your blessings with us all.

Harriet H said...

Congratulations....you are an inspiration to all of us...


slbt17 said...

Congratulations Lisa! Hope you don't become too famous that you will forget about us - all the people who love viewing your work everyday! =)

Debby said...

Wow Congrats Lisa! This is Awesome!

Linda Carson said...

GET OUT! A COVER GIRL? WOW! Congratulations Lisa on reaching your stamping goals!

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