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November 6, 2008

Shimmerz vs. Twinkling H20's vs. Radiant Pearls

Recently on the TJNL Yahoo Group, there has been some discussion on how these product are different. I've created some quick samples to compare the products (yes, I do happen to own all the products mentioned), along with some information on each product.

The color chart on the left shows all three products painted on black card stock. (Note - Radiant Pearls do not absorb into the card stock like Shimmerz and Twinkling H20's)

This photo shows all three products colored on white card stock. You'll want to click the photo to enlarge to really see the shimmer in all three products.

Here's how I store my Shimmerz - I've painted a swatch of color on the lid next to the name, and placed them in an empty clear stamp storage box

Where to buy Shimmerz? I purchased mine from The Rubber Cafe

Here's a bit of information on each product

Twinkling H20's

Twinkling H2O's are watercolor cakes that are incredibly shimmery, non-toxic acid free, lightfast and safe for all ages to use! Simply dip a wet paintbrush or waterbrush into the solid cake of color and begin to paint!You can use this paint on paper, canvas, rocks, wood and even Easter Eggs! They are currently available is 156 colors

from the shimmerz blog

Shimmerz water-based paints have the spunk and sparkle to help any project shine!
They're already mixed. No recipe, no mess.
They're ridiculously shimmery.
They dry on glossy or non-porous surfaces, so they're perfect for use on acetate or metal.
They're made in the USA.
They come in 35 spectacular colors (and currently three limited edition colors).
They're non-toxic.
They're water-based.

Radiant Pearls

info from Cloud 9 Review
Radiant Pearls are very shimmery paints with an evident glycerin base. There are 88 colors of Radiant Pearls which come in a wide range of hues, from clear to the very light to the very dark. Radiant Pearls come in soft pastel shades, bold vibrant shades and also some interference colors. They are sold in individual jars, either 1/4 ounce a 1/2 ounce jar.
The key to success when using Radiant Pearls is your surface or card stock of choice. Lighter colored card stocks work better, as much of the color of the paint tends to get lost on black/dark card stocks. Radiant Pearls need an absorbent surface to air dry. The more absorbent the surface, the quicker they air dry. I have found that Radiant Pearls will air dry on almost all brands of matte card stock, wood, gesso, and on GLAMMA Brand of vellum only.
They do not air dry on ANY non porous surface.


Michelle Murphy said...

boy you have been busy.. great projects..thanks for the info on all the glitz out there..looks like you guys might get some snow :D

Connie Fossenier said...

Kind of makes me go hmmmmmmmm...Lisa. I ordered three colors to try. Thanks for the comparisons and ingredient information.
connie paxman

Cheryl Hirzel said...

Thanks for sampling of these items...I had started with a few colors of radiant pearls years ago when SU had them, but they were discontinued before I had many. A week or 2 ago, I found a couple dozen more colors at a re-sale all for $15. I grabbed them, but couldn't remember exactly what to do.
I have also mixed Pearl Ex with distilled water and gum arabic and let dry, to make what seems to be the same as Twinkling H20's that I have never tried.

Shelly Schmidt said...

This is amazing, and I found it on a blog posting tonight on After Hours Stamping. I love all of my shimmery RP's and Twinkling H2O's....should get them out more! Thanks for the tutorial!

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