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September 18, 2007

Scallop 3D Ornament Tutorial

Recently while cleaning up my stamp area, I ran across a Basic Grey Ornament Kit I had purchased some time ago - I thought I'd try making them using my Scallop Punch and Dashing Designer Series Paper - here's the end result

Scallop 3D Ornament Tutorial

Supplies you'll need:

20 Scallops punched from DSP
Elastic Cord
Scoring Tool
Pretties Kit

Score a triangle on all your scallop pieces and crease

Select 5 scallop pieces for your ornament top. Using your snail, adhere one flap from two different circles, make sure that the triangle points meet, and your scallop edges are flush. Use this same process to attach the remaining 3 scallop pieces to complete the top of your ornament. Repeat to create your bottom piece. Set these aside.

Using your snail adhere the remaining 10 scallop pieces together, alternating the points up and down as shown to form a straight section

Snail the two ends together to form a ring, this will become the middle of your ornament

To finish your ornament, thread your elastic cord through the center of your top piece, tie on a bead from the Pretties Kit, using snail, adhere the flaps from the top to the available flaps of the middle section. Thread the cord through the center of the bottom, adhere the bottom flaps to the available middle section. Tie a Pretties Bead on the end of your elastic cording.


rozie640 said...

Wow, what a great way to use scrap pieces of designer paper. You know the ones that are too big to throw away, but to small to make a card with! Great tutorial. I'll have to see if my Boy Scouts can do it, we need a new Christmas project! Thanks for the great tutorial!

Stefanie said...

Very cool Lisa!

Karen said...

love it Lisa - great job!! I think I will be doing this to decorate my tree this year!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome ornament Lisa! And thanks for the tutorial--can't wait to try one myself!

Amy Caraluzzi said...


Maus said...

You're just full of tutorials today!! what a neat ornament, thanks for showing!!

MJ said...

This is super! I love it. I just tried the other one that is floating around and loved it too. I need to do this one tomorrow. By the way, I tagged you on my blog and mentioned that there are a bunch of tutorials over here that people would not want to miss. Hope you don't mind.

Dawn Easton said...

Oh my gosh Lisa! LOVE this idea!!! What a fun little project to do with a couple of my girlfriends! LOVE it! Thank you so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooooo much for the visuals. I would have never figured it out. You're the best!

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