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August 21, 2007

Back to School

Boy - how times files - another summer over and the boys are back in school. The boys humor me and let me take a picture of them by the front bricks every 1st day of school.

Here's a picture of the boys in 2000 (Jim 1st grade, Joe Kindergarten)

Here they are today - 2007 (Jim 8th grade, Joe 7th grade)

I did mention to Jim that he didn't match - but I guess it's better than what he really wanted to wear on the 1st day of school (his brothers shirt that was way to small!)


Dawn Easton said...

Oh my! Those pictures are so precious!!! I think it's great that you do early pictures in the same spot. WOW how they have grown into handsome young men!

Etha said...

Goodness how they have grown!! Doesn't that scare you? Next time in 7 years when you take the picture they will be peeking over the roof :)
Very handsome ;)

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