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July 20, 2007

Sales Tax Holiday in August for Select States

Good news! Several states' legislatures have passed a special sales tax holiday during specific dates in August. During this period, sales tax does not apply to school supplies. The participating states typically define school supplies as any item normally used by students in a standard classroom for educational purposes.

The following states are participating in the sales tax holiday:

Alabama: August 3-5
District of Columbia: August 4-12
Florida: August 4-13
Georgia: August 2-5
Louisiana: August 3-4
Missouri: August 3-5
New Mexico: August 3-5
North Carolina: August 3-5
South Carolina: August 3-5
Tennessee: August 3-5
Virginia: August 3-5

I have a list of products that will be exept from sales tax in these states - if you'd like to see the list, please email me to take advantage of this tax holiday and make purchases without sales tax.

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