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July 8, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

Normally I don't post much NSR stuff here on my blog - but I just couldn't resist sharing this picture with you. This is our almost 4 year old yellow lab - Lou. He loves to be in the pool with the kids. Today was no exception and the boys thought he should put on his goggles to swim. I would have scrapped a page with it, but currently my photo printer is out of ink.

It's been really hot/humid here in IL over the last few days - today it's supposed be 95+ with the heat index near 105. Hope you all stay cool!


Tracy.H said...

Too cute! I would love to be in that pool with him too ;0)

Anonymous said...

OMGosh!! I want to go swimming with Lou! How funny is that picture!uflgi

Anonymous said...

OMG GF this is the cuttest photo I have ever seen .. what a keeper.. this photo is sooo AWESOME .. OH I wish our doggie would wear goggles .. I just love it .. I swear they are part Human huh?

Etha said...

That is HILARIOUS!!! what a cute puppy!! My boy lets us do all sorts of things with him too, but I have yet to put goggles on him :)
Great shot, thanks for sharing.

Vicki G said...

Lou is Very Cool!!!! I am sure all the other doggies in the neighbourhood would want to hang with Lou !!!!

What a wonderful Picture!


Anonymous said...

Dear Lou: You are my kind of dog! That is a very good look for you. Drop by & see me sometime when you're out in CA.

Stamper Dog

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