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March 10, 2007

Spring Showers Birthday

What a great way to dress up your chip board - cover it with some DS paper, and sand off the edges, tie on some grosgrain or gingham ribbon and your ready to go! Make a nice spring birthday card!

Speaking of Spring - don't forget it's time to Spring Forward 1 hour - daylight savings time begins on March 11th.


Bevie Pearl said...

How cute. You always make such cute projects. When are we gonna meet for dinner? Let me know. ok?

Bevie Pearl said...

Hi Lisa, I just found your Blog. I like your project and love seeing your work!! Let me know when we can meet for dinner again..soon I hope.

Bevie Pearl said...

Okay now I get it...You have to read my comment and then publish it!! I kept thinking...it isn't posting!! lol!!

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