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November 28, 2007

Color Wash Coloring

Color Wash Coloring is another WOW technique in the December `07 TJNL. I've been doing this technique for quite some time, and those of you who've been TJ members may remember seeing some of these cards back in 2006. Don't worry, I've got some "fresh" samples to share too!

Don't own any color wash sprays? Not to worry, you can make your own - see my sample with the girl in the yellow dress? The color wash sprays I used for that background are homemade. To make your own homemade color wash - simply drop about 30 drops of reinker in a spritz bottle, then at rubbing alcohol to fill the bottle, shake to mix.


rozie640 said...

Wow, that's a great technique. I have got to get more adventureous and give this one a try, can be so dramatic!!!

Linda Carson said...

Here you go teasing us again.... These are gorgeous cards Lisa!

CurrieRoadJLCurrie said...

When do we get our December issue? I can't get the subscriber only part to open for October. Don't we use the same word for both the User name and the password? Thanks, L

stampqueen said...

Another yummy looking Technique - I can't wait to get this issue!!!

bobbie said...

Congratulations on reaching over 100,000!! Your site is a dream and your artwork is beyond words. You are so talented.


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